Our Special Coffee History

The Special Coffee

Excellent quality coffee, grown and fermented to a substantially higher level than normal, is Special Coffee. Erna Knutsen coined the term in a 1974 edition of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Specialty coffee is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that will help the consumer live a healthier life. Price, suitability and proper fermentation techniques are some of the positive factors that favor the demand for specialty coffees. This Coffee has several benefits such as it improves energy levels, helps to burn fat, improves physical performance, combats depression and is a good source of antioxidants. It is used for its energizing and healing properties.

The company

We are a company that was born with the purpose of bringing unique experiences and collecting unforgettable moments to the universe of Specialty Coffee, from its plantation to the wonderful sensation of tasting an ultra-rare coffee that Brazil produces. Bringing with it credibility, responsibility, sustainability and Fair Trade.

About Us

The idea came from three adventurers who love special and rare coffees. And after a lot of study, effort and coffee, of course! The solid construction, affectionately identified by ALPIN CLUB CAFÉ, emerged. The objective is to bring all the experience of the Specialty Coffee culture to our subscribers, through the awareness of our Rural Producers, who make their living from family farming for the development of sustainable activities. Thus, adding qualitative values ​​and linked to the socio-environmental indicatives of the SDG*. We collaborate with the entire production chain, always respecting the guidelines of FAIR TRADE, an integral traceability system from the plantation to the table of our final customer, and thus we take products of unique qualities and help to preserve the environment and family artisanal agriculture.

Bruna e Thiago


Family Farming

The labor model is based on Fair Trade, sustainability and integration of the traceability system from farm to cup, our producers ensure the value of the production of their ultra-rare coffees grown in an artisanal way, passed from generation to generation and increasingly improving the quality of the bean for the satisfaction of our customers. Providing completely the unique experience of each unforgettable moment, and in addition to its sensorial diversification, raising the standard of excellence for coffee lovers.

Our purpose

Expand the level of global socio-environmental awareness, promoting the Sustainable Development of family farming, uniting the indicatives of the ODS* and the Fair Trade practice for a complete and transcendent experience of the culture of specialty coffees for our customers.

Our Industry

Our technical team is kind, hardworking, very talented. It is an eclectic group of specialists in specialty coffees and true sensory scientists, together with sophisticated equipment and a lot of love and tradition in roasting specialty coffees. With this recipe we offer the best coffees in Brazil to our customers.


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