Amazonian Blend 800

Packages of 1000 units of 250g of Coffee

Robust: 16up Premium Coffee, developed over 40 Years in the Forests of Rondônia, without the use of any pesticide! This coffee showed a more than special sensorial evolution. Today being considered the best Robusta in the World, respected and sold in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Arabica: Yellow Catuí produced at 1250m altitude 100% Arabica 16up.

ODS/UN Global compact

Alpin Club Cafe exclusivity – Amazon Blend Yield: 250G packaging – 25 servings.

Aromatic Note: Solidity and creaminess of the Amazon Robusta, together with the smoothness of Arabicas from Serras do Sul de Minas Gerais. Unequaled!

– Batch Grade: 80                                                      – Grain species: Robusta da Amazônia Premium 16up / Catuaí yellow 16up Sul de Minas              – Roast Type: Medium (with our exclusive secret)

Product Description

Production history in the producer’s words:

‘’ We founders of Alpin Club Café, spend our lives savoring many types and rarities of this wonderful bean. Until we discovered this ‘hidden’ coffee in the heart of the Amazon, from there we started the thought of showing this Amazon richness to the entire planet. Through intense learning and many attempts, we obtained the much sought after Special Blend from Amazonia. Our exclusive formula has its secrets in the % of each grain and in the special roasting applied. With this, We at Alpin Club Cafe hope that all of you feel the same joy and love that we feel in discovering this incredible Blend.

Coffee Traceability: Our exclusive system linked to the QR-CODE of each package brings the complete experience from the day of harvest, processing until the product arrives on the subscriber’s desk. You will feel immersed in everything, inside each story and each unique sensation that our specialty coffees can provide.


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