Nº 1 – Awarded Limited Edition 92

Packages of 100 units of 250g of Coffee

Special Coffee from a traditional producer called Dona Tida! Certified and sustainable coffee, from family farming, cultivated at an altitude of 1,230m in the High Caparaó Region. With a traditional artisanal drying. It achieves an incredible 92 (SCAA) score. Product 100% Tracked from the farm to the Customer.

*ODS/UN Global Pact Company – https://www.unglobalcompact.org/

Alpin Club Cafe exclusivity – 100% Arabica Yield: 250G packaging – 25 shots per package.

Awards: Coffee of the Year 2020/2nd place emater Regional (MG) / 3rd place emater municipal / State finalist (MG) / Finalist of the Florada Contest awarded 3rd place.

Aromatic note with the following contents: body flavor, deep acidity of pepper, caramel, floral, red fruits, fruity, wine, honey, liqueur, sweet, silky body, citrus acidity of Tangerine.

– Batch grade (SCAA) – 92.0                                                     – Roast type: Light Roast

– Grain species: Caturra Amarelo 476                                   – Altitude: 1250m

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Product Description

Production history in the words of the producer:

”I am the 4th generation of the family that continues to grow coffee, in a heritage that came from father to sons and so on for many years… today I take care and manage the property to produce quality coffee, and What I value most in the process is my well-being, my family and the environment we live in, so our production is 100% familiar, sat, and sustainable. Each batch of coffee is very special to me, I take care of it with great care and satisfaction, transforming a raw material into real rarities so that you like to enjoy a good coffee. the roast that I recommend is a light roast, well caramelized so that the coffee can present the best of the sugarcane molasses and a delicious citrus acidity of orange.

Coffee Traceability: Our exclusive system interconnected to the QR-CODE of each package brings the complete experience from the day of harvest, processing to the arrival of the product on the subscriber’s desk. You will feel immersed in everything, inside each story and each unique sensation that our specialty coffees can provide.


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