Nº 3 Limited Edition Award Fermented 84

Bag of 30 kg

Coffee developed over 40 Years ago in the Forests of Rondônia, without the use of any pesticide! This coffee showed an evolution never seen in the world. Today, being considered the best Robusta in the World, respected and sold in Asia, Europe and the United States, it collects awards wherever it arrives. Through an artisanal drying method (Sprouting Process), combining acidity balance, highlighting the characteristic aroma and flavor of Amazonian coffee. Being a drink able to please the most demanding palates, achieving a spectacular score for a Robusta in the house of 86 points (SCAA) in some nano-lots. This coffee is the Fermented Special Robusta selected, from its harvest to its cup, offered to lovers of specialty coffees, a variation on the classic aromas, a firm touch worthy of a refined and delicious Robusta. This coffee is considered a soft drink for its incredible quality.

ODS/UN – Global Pact https://www.unglobalcompact.org

Exclusive Alpin Club Cafe – 100% Robusta/Conilon Fermented Hybrid from the Amazon

– Batch grade: 84.0

– Grain species: Robusta/Conilon 16up Premium from Amazon.

– Aromatic Note: Almond, Bergamot, Pea, Orange Blossom, Fruity, Herbal, Green Apple and Malt.

Product Description

Production history in the words of the producer:

‘’Tradition, love for the Earth and Sustainability.’’ Producer Nilton went to Rondonia in search of Land to cultivate. From then onwards, its production of Robusta/Conilon Híbrido coffee began in the 1980s. With the help of Emater and Embrapa, it developed a production of Fermented Robusta with the incredible quality of 84 Points (Instituto Federal Minas Gerais), which the puts on the Mole drink landing. Awarded in 2016 in the Sustainability Competition / 2017 – 2nd place in the State of Drink at national level and we continue to participate and receive awards every day. ‘’On my property we consider having good victories, with great joy seeing our coffee being valued, after many decades of battle against malaria, raising my children with my little vein, I am very Happy and Proud!’’


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