Nº2 Rare Limited Edition 86

Bag of 30 kg

Special Coffee from a traditional producer called Eugenio! Certified and sustainable coffee, from family farming, grown at an altitude of 830m in the southern region of Minas, more precisely around the Serra da Boa Esperança. With a traditional artisanal drying of the region, it achieves a score of 86.25 (SCAA) with an explosive flavor, with the healthiness and freshness that a special quality coffee should have. Product 100% Tracked from the farm to the consumer’s table.

ODS/UN Global Pact -https://www.unglobalcompact.org

Aromatic Note with the following contents: Chocolate, Fruity Papaya, Passion Fruit, Peach with Dense Body and Wine.

Alpin Club Cafe exclusivity – 100% Arabica – Yield: 250G packaging – 25 doses

– Batch grade: 86.25
– Grain species: Mundo Novo
– Altitude: 830m

Product Description

History of production in the words of the producer:

‘’Cooperativa dos Costas congratulates all rural workers who dedicate themselves, commit and work hard to make ownsome coffees. We are proud to work with rural producers who make our Brazil a richer country.’’

Coffee Traceability: Our exclusive system linked to the QR-CODE of each package brings the complete experience from the day of harvest, processing until the product arrives on the subscriber’s desk. You will feel immersed in everything, inside each story and each unique sensation that our specialty coffees can provide.


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