Nº4 Limited Edition Coffee

Bag of 30 kg

Serra da Mantiqueira Region 84 points (Speciality Coffee Association of America). The region of coffees that have already reached the incredible mark of 95.25, is a traditional region and a showcase for Quality Brazilian Coffees Abroad. Like this excellent coffee this month from the Farm for you.

ODS/UN Global compact https://www.unglobalcompact.org

Alpin Club Cafe exclusivity – 100% Arabica Yield: 250G packaging – 25 shots

– Batch grade: 84.0                                            
– Grain species: Yellow Catuai                        
– Altitude: 1250m

– Aromatic Note: Creamy, citrusy body, caramel flavor, long and sweet aftertaste.

Product Description

History of production in the words of the producer:

‘’Traditional region of Catuí Amarelo and where the best coffees in Brazil come from, recognized throughout the world.’’

Coffee Traceability: Our exclusive system linked to the QR-CODE of each package brings the complete experience from the day of harvest, processing until the product arrives on the subscriber’s desk. You will feel immersed in everything, inside each story and each unique sensation that our specialty coffees can provide.


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